String to Hex converter

Had the need to create some strings in the form of an array of hex codes for the charachters the other day which was a little cumbersom, so put together some quick php code to do it for me. So thought I’d share it with you. You can access it at Just enter your […]

South Australian PIC Users Group

Last Tuesday (27 Jul 2010) I attended a meeting at the South Australian PIC User Group (SAPUG) which was excellent. A great bunch of people that are all keen to help. Ian from The Leon Audio Company gave a talk on how to use MOSFET’s with a PIC and some things to watch out for. […]

PIC24 or PIC32?

I’m on a journey of learning and need to make a decision on which way I go first. When I ordered my Explorer16 board, I also ordered the PIC32MX460F512L PIM, a 32-bit USB capable 100pin chip for the Explorer 16. I also ordered a couple of books from Amazon but they look to be still […]