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DHT22 (RHT03) Temp Humidity library for chipKIT and Arduino 1.x

Download, unzip and copy the DHT22 folder into your libraries folder eg: for MPIDE: C:\Users\yourname\Documents\mpide\libraries\DHT22 for Arduino IDE: C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Arduino\libraries\DHT22 An example script is included. Been reading a few reports that this sensor is more accurate at the higher voltage (eg 5V) rather than the 3.3V. My observations so far suggest the same. So when using […]

Microchip C32 UART library example (modified)

I’ve modified the original UART example that comes with the Microchip C32 compiler to easily handle different UART’s along with adding a compare function that compares what is recieved over the UART to a pre-defined set of characters. See the description in the source below for more. Download the source as a text file here: […]

Enabling the PIC24 library collection from Mississippi State Uni and Reese Micro for the new PIC24HJ256GP610A PIM

For those that use the Explorer 16 board and have in the last 12 or so months purchased the PIC24HJ256GP610 PIM from Microchip (part number MA240012) may have noticed it’s got a different chip on it. It now uses the PIC24HJ256GP610A which has some issues when using the library included with the book Microcontrollers: From […]