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32 bit integer to 4 bytes

Squirrel on Electric Imp #require “JSONEncoder.class.nut:2.0.0” local number = 1523187384; local record = array(4); local result = 0; local byteArray = array(4); local record2 = array(4); local result2 = 0; local byteArray2 = array(4); // method 1 and before shift right record[0] = ((number & 0xff000000) >> 24); record[1] = ((number & 0x00ff0000) >> 16); […]

USB in a NutShell

For those wanting to develop with USB, a brilliant resource is USB in a NutShell, My ventures showed while USB is very easy at the user level, it’s far from it at the developer level. Its really a specialty in it’s own right. My first venture into this area was developing a set of rudder […]

2 x 18 pin stackable headers – hobby quantities

At last found somewhere to buy hobby quantities of the stackable headers besides just the 1 x 6 and the 1 x 8 ones standard for Arduino. These are the same pin size as the Arduino ones. It’s Electron Hobbies and their stackable headers are at And they are based in Australia so don’t […]

MMBTA14 & MMBTA64 markings

This is really more a note for future reference. MMBTA14 NPN Darlington SMD Transistor SOT23 has the marking 1MM (the second M is slightly smaller in font height and there is a slight gap between the 1M and the second M) MMBTA64 PNP Darlington SMD Transistor SOT23 has the marking 2V with what looks like […]

South Australian PIC Users Group

Last Tuesday (27 Jul 2010) I attended a meeting at the South Australian PIC User Group (SAPUG) which was excellent. A great bunch of people that are all keen to help. Ian from The Leon Audio Company gave a talk on how to use MOSFET’s with a PIC and some things to watch out for. […]

PIC24 or PIC32?

I’m on a journey of learning and need to make a decision on which way I go first. When I ordered my Explorer16 board, I also ordered the PIC32MX460F512L PIM, a 32-bit USB capable 100pin chip for the Explorer 16. I also ordered a couple of books from Amazon but they look to be still […]

Explorer 16 pin configuration

The Explorer16 is packed with a whole lot of stuff in a very small package. Making sense of it all can be a bit challenging when first getting it out of the box and playing with it. Anyway I’ve put this table together (and it’s also available as a spreadsheet download). It shows all the […]