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Enabling the PIC24 library collection from Mississippi State Uni and Reese Micro for the new PIC24HJ256GP610A PIM

For those that use the Explorer 16 board and have in the last 12 or so months purchased the PIC24HJ256GP610 PIM from Microchip (part number MA240012) may have noticed it’s got a different chip on it. It now uses the PIC24HJ256GP610A which has some issues when using the library included with the book Microcontrollers: From […]

PIC24 or PIC32?

I’m on a journey of learning and need to make a decision on which way I go first. When I ordered my Explorer16 board, I also ordered the PIC32MX460F512L PIM, a 32-bit USB capable 100pin chip for the Explorer 16. I also ordered a couple of books from Amazon but they look to be still […]

Microchip Explorer 16 arrives

My Explorer 16 development board arrived yesterday so have been playing with it. Initially the example code that came with the PIC24FJ128GA010, doing some basic things like modifying the looping LCD text, then writing my first program to test the LED’s on the board. Had to make sure it all worked. And as usual stuff from […]

Hello world! It’s my electronics blog

First a little about this blog. It’s a log of my various electronics exploits. It includes a raft of things from simple 555 timer projects to rudder pedal controller using USB to fly Flight Simulator to weather instruments to other “just playing” embedded systems that I build. Most will include detailed instructions on how to […]