Hello world! It’s my electronics blog

First a little about this blog. It’s a log of my various electronics exploits. It includes a raft of things from simple 555 timer projects to rudder pedal controller using USB to fly Flight Simulator to weather instruments to other “just playing” embedded systems that I build.

Most will include detailed instructions on how to go about building and programming.

Other things I’ll include are full C source code and assembler source code if I use it. My main area of interests in embedded (at the moment) is the Microchip PIC family, mainly the PIC24, dsPIC33 and PIC32 but have done quite a bit in the past with the PIC18 especially the PIC18F4550 and PIC18F2550.

I should point out, I’m not a professional in these fields. It’s a hobby and I continue to learn every day.