pcDuino – an Arduino compatible Raspberry Pi on steroids

Here is the pcDuino which is a mini PC platform that runs PC like OS such as Ubuntu and Android ICS. It outputs through HDMI to a screen and has hardware header interfaces compatible with Arduino. Programming the pcDuino can be done with  Python and C. You can even compile Arduino scripts to run on the device.



Here are some of the pcDuino specs:

  • CPU (processor): 1000MHz ARM Cortex A8
  • GPU (graphics): OpenGL ES2.0, OpenVG 1.1 Mali 400 core
  • DRAM: 1024MB
  • Onboard Storage: 2GB Flash, microSD card (TF) slot for up to 32GB
  • Video Output: HDMI
  • OS: Linux 3.0 + Lubuntu 12.04
  • Low level peripherals: Arduino compatible female headers and 2 SPI  ports
  • Network interface: RJ45 and USB WiFi extension (not included)
  • Power: 5V 2A
  • Overall Size: 125mm X 52mm

I get my pcDuino from Electron Hobbies.