DHT22 (RHT03) Temp Humidity library for chipKIT and Arduino 1.x

Download, unzip and copy the DHT22 folder into your libraries folder eg:

  • for MPIDE: C:\Users\yourname\Documents\mpide\libraries\DHT22
  • for Arduino IDE: C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Arduino\libraries\DHT22

An example script is included.

Been reading a few reports that this sensor is more accurate at the higher voltage (eg 5V) rather than the 3.3V. My observations so far suggest the same. So when using with the chipKIT, make sure you use a digital pin, not an analog pin as you will need 5V to the sensor. Only digital pins are 5V tolerant on the chipKIT. Saying this, don’t try it on the Arduino Due, it’s digital pins are NOT 5V tolerant.

Download DHT22.zip here.