Got my Arduino Due

My Arduino Due arrived from Electron Hobbies. Finally Arduino has come out with a 32bit device. One thing I really like about this board is the number of PWM’s it has. 16 PWM outputs. Anyway, first project is getting some stepper motor control happening with it, then have a look at what sort of networking […]

2 x 18 pin stackable headers – hobby quantities

At last found somewhere to buy hobby quantities of the stackable headers besides just the 1 x 6 and the 1 x 8 ones standard for Arduino. These are the same pin size as the Arduino ones. It’s Electron Hobbies and their stackable headers are at And they are based in Australia so don’t […]

MMBTA14 & MMBTA64 markings

This is really more a note for future reference. MMBTA14 NPN Darlington SMD Transistor SOT23 has the marking 1MM (the second M is slightly smaller in font height and there is a slight gap between the 1M and the second M) MMBTA64 PNP Darlington SMD Transistor SOT23 has the marking 2V with what looks like […]

chipKIT Max32 UART mapping

Been playing with the chipKIT Max32 a bit lately and using the native Microchip C32 compiler with MPLab X. Anyway, something not to well documented is the mapping between the different UARTs. This is what I’ve found: UART1 = UART1A = (RX0 pin A0 / TX0 pin A1) UART2 = UART3A = (RX2 pin 17 […]

Microchip C32 UART library example (modified)

I’ve modified the original UART example that comes with the Microchip C32 compiler to easily handle different UART’s along with adding a compare function that compares what is recieved over the UART to a pre-defined set of characters. See the description in the source below for more. Download the source as a text file here: […]

C32 – Global variable across multiple files

This is a simple example on how to use the same variable across multiple files using Microchip C32 compliler. The main file (with void main(void) in it) is source-file-one.c. It has the include statement for source-file-two.h. The variable globalvariable is defined in the main source file, and then refered to in source-file-two.c using the extern […]

Gainspan WiFi library for chipKit and Arduino

After forking the DIYSandbox Wirefree library, modified it using compiler directives to also be compatible with the chipKIT Max32 board. This library uses Serial1 for the Gainspan GS1011 module (instead of the original Serial0). It’s retained the same name as the original. The library uses the standard Arduino Server and Client libraries for compatibility with […]

Enabling the PIC24 library collection from Mississippi State Uni and Reese Micro for the new PIC24HJ256GP610A PIM

For those that use the Explorer 16 board and have in the last 12 or so months purchased the PIC24HJ256GP610 PIM from Microchip (part number MA240012) may have noticed it’s got a different chip on it. It now uses the PIC24HJ256GP610A which has some issues when using the library included with the book Microcontrollers: From […]