Gainspan WiFi library for chipKit and Arduino

After forking the DIYSandbox Wirefree library, modified it using compiler directives to also be compatible with the chipKIT Max32 board. This library uses Serial1 for the Gainspan GS1011 module (instead of the original Serial0). It’s retained the same name as the original.

The library uses the standard Arduino Server and Client libraries for compatibility with existing scripts.

Platform I’m using is the chipKIT Max32 which has the Microchip PIC32MX795F512L along with my Max32 breadboard with LED’s connected to pins 3, 5 & 6. I have the GainSpan WiFi Breakout connected to pins 18 and 19 on the Max32 (UART1).

The library is available on github at


  1. Download library
  2. Copy the folder within the zip file to your Arduino libraries folder. ([sketch folder]\libraries\).
  3. Rename folder to Wirefree
  4. Restart mpide and/or arduino ide.

Over time will develop the library further. Please see it’s readme for latest on it’s status.

You can also get a Arduino Uno shield with the Gainspan module from