DHT22 (RHT03) Temp Humidity library for chipKIT and Arduino 1.x

Download, unzip and copy the DHT22 folder into your libraries folder eg: for MPIDE: C:\Users\yourname\Documents\mpide\libraries\DHT22 for Arduino IDE: C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Arduino\libraries\DHT22 An example script is included. Been reading a few reports that this sensor is more accurate at the higher voltage (eg 5V) rather than the 3.3V. My observations so far suggest the same. So when using […]

USB in a NutShell

For those wanting to develop with USB, a brilliant resource is USB in a NutShell, My ventures showed while USB is very easy at the user level, it’s far from it at the developer level. Its really a specialty in it’s own right. My first venture into this area was developing a set of rudder […]

Got my Arduino Due

My Arduino Due arrived from Electron Hobbies. Finally Arduino has come out with a 32bit device. One thing I really like about this board is the number of PWM’s it has. 16 PWM outputs. Anyway, first project is getting some stepper motor control happening with it, then have a look at what sort of networking […]

2 x 18 pin stackable headers – hobby quantities

At last found somewhere to buy hobby quantities of the stackable headers besides just the 1 x 6 and the 1 x 8 ones standard for Arduino. These are the same pin size as the Arduino ones. It’s Electron Hobbies and their stackable headers are at http://electronhobbies.com/category.php?id_category=16 And they are based in Australia so don’t […]

MMBTA14 & MMBTA64 markings

This is really more a note for future reference. MMBTA14 NPN Darlington SMD Transistor SOT23 has the marking 1MM (the second M is slightly smaller in font height and there is a slight gap between the 1M and the second M) MMBTA64 PNP Darlington SMD Transistor SOT23 has the marking 2V with what looks like […]

chipKIT Max32 UART mapping

Been playing with the chipKIT Max32 a bit lately and using the native Microchip C32 compiler with MPLab X. Anyway, something not to well documented is the mapping between the different UARTs. This is what I’ve found: UART1 = UART1A = (RX0 pin A0 / TX0 pin A1) UART2 = UART3A = (RX2 pin 17 […]

Microchip C32 UART library example (modified)

I’ve modified the original UART example that comes with the Microchip C32 compiler to easily handle different UART’s along with adding a compare function that compares what is recieved over the UART to a pre-defined set of characters. See the description in the source below for more. Download the source as a text file here: […]