chipKIT Max32 UART mapping

Been playing with the chipKIT Max32 a bit lately and using the native Microchip C32 compiler with MPLab X. Anyway, something not to well documented is the mapping between the different UARTs. This is what I’ve found:

  • UART1 = UART1A = (RX0 pin A0 / TX0 pin A1)
  • UART2 = UART3A = (RX2 pin 17 / TX2 pin 16)
  • UART3 = UART2A = (RX pin 29 / TX pin 43)
  • UART4 = UART1B =  (RX1 pin 19 / TX1 pin 18)
  • UART5 = UART3B =  (RX3 pin 15 / TX3 pin 14)
  • UART6 = UART2B =  (RX pin A3 / TX pin A2)

Note, the chipKIT Max32 uses the PIC32MX795F512L hence the 6 UART’s.

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